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City of Tucson


Processing Time: Allow Approximately 15 Business Days

Records are $5.00 up to 15 pages and .25 per additional page. CHECKS PAYABLE TO TUCSON FIRE and can be mailed to:

300 S. Fire Central Place, Tucson, AZ 85701

Requestor Information: Is this records request for a commercial purpose?

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    Special Note for Medical Record Request (i.e. ANY unredacted record that contains a patient’s protected health information):

    Patients requesting medical records must provide proof of identification (government issued photo I.D.). Third parties requesting a patient’s medical record must attach one of the following to this Records Request Form: (1) a notarized HIPAA-compliant release (see 45 C.F.R. § 164.508 for federally required contents of release) signed by the patient; or (2) a court order signed by a judge authorizing release (45 C.F.R. § 164.512). A subpoena without a HIPAA-compliant release or court order is not sufficient. Questions: Call (520)791-4512 or email In order to protect patient privacy, TFD does not email reports that contain a patient’s protected health information.

    Please choose type of report/document that you are requesting and then fill in needed information:

    Medical Report Information Requested:

    If uploading a document - please remember to hit the upload button. Thank you!

    If requesting a 9-1-1 or Medical Report/Bill, please upload a signed-notarized release, driver's license, or court order.

    Report Delivery Preference?

    Please remember: IF you have requested any items that may contain medical information, i.e., medical report, medical bill, or 9-1-1 CD, you must upload a driver's license, signed-notarized release, or a court order.

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